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Switches Touch BroadLink TC2

Interrupteur tactile Broadlink en verre securitInteraction interrupteur tactile Broadlink TC2Interrupteur tactile Broadlink TC2  1, 2, ou 3 boutonsInterrupteur tactile RF Norme CE Interrupteur tactile controlable par téléephoneBroadlink interrupteur tactile programmableBroadlink interrupteur tactile pour passerelle RM PRO Interaction interrupteur tactile Broadlink TC2specification broadlink interrupteur tactile Interrupteur tactile Norme CE, Norme US, Norme CN

Switch / touch Receptor BroadLink, turned on your lights by simple touch .

Switch touch BroadLink TC2
Max. Voltage: AC170-250V
Max. : 6A ( 300 watts per button, 800 watts total for a switch with 3 touch buttons )
Size: 86 x 86 x 36
Use For: All types of lamps / Compatible with the products broadlink
Material: Safety Glass high quality
Characteristic: waterproof and fireproof
Touch-sensitive buttons (capacitive): 1 Buttons (not comes and goes)
Operating humidity related: 5-95%
RF range : > 25m (LOS)
Mechanical life: 100,000 times
Certification: CE, RoHS, FCC
Mode of communication: 433Mhz
Standards THIS
1 YEAR warranty

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