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BroadLink Domotique

Broadlink develops, manufactures and markets solutions home innovative.

Brand Broadlink is present in Western Europe , eastern Europe , the Middle East , Australia, China, the United Kingdom, south america and other regions.
The focus is on the reliability of products home automation and client satisfaction.

While the market for home automation continues to grow each year, current solutions only relate to customers who develop custom homes or high-end making changes to the major in their home. Homeowners need a more affordable way to automate their homes simply and without changes major, while being able to add new products over time, it is for this reason that Broadlink markets its product, to satisfy those customers by providing a quality and ease-of-installation while continuing to innovate and offer new products.

The teams Broadlink have perfectly understood the needs of the users. As an innovative company in the market of home automation, they recognize that better wireless standards is the Internet Protocol (IP) allow more existing homes to be a candidate for home automation.

Broadlink manufactures a complete range of products for home automation affordable, putting the safety, quality, simplicity, comfort and economy available to all.

The products Broadlink can be installed in any house in a few hours. Not only owners can easily customize their smart system to meet their unique lifestyles, but the modular nature of the products Broadlink also allows users to begin little by little their systems and add products Broadlink over time.

Our products are able to provide a complete solution for the home because they integrate the control of lighting, audio, video, in a coherent system and unique.
As the demand for home automation continues to grow, Broadlink expects to remain at the forefront of the industry by providing innovative products and solutions that offer improvements for your life today and tomorrow.

Creativity and technology have made Broadlink a large company. Thanks to a continuous stream of developments-functional, new materials and new ideas, the name of Broadlink means of high performance and skills in the field of home automation.

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